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"We Don't Cut Corners...We Clean 'em!"

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Our Commitment

Customer service is the top priority of Domestically Inclined. Client confidence in us is what sets us apart from other cleaning services and is the foundation of our success.

     We have built quality control into everything we do to assure that our clients receive the best possible service.

Here are just a few things we rely upon to make our services customer-centric.

  • Quality Control and Customer Interaction Standards are integral to our new recruit training program so that every team member is firmly aware of the importance we place on customer service. 

  • Our Customer Service Policy requires that the only response clients receive upon contacting us if an issue presents itself is, that we are here to assure that you are completely satisfied and happy to help make sure that you are.

  • Our Customer Service Policy also demands that each and every service appointment is not complete until the client is 100% satisfied with the service they hire us to complete.

If ever you feel our service to you does not deserve a five-star rating, Domestically Inclined Inc. wants to hear from you immediately so that any service issue can be resolved to your complete satisfaction.


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Team Screening


Domestically Inclined Inc. goes to great lengths to make sure you get the best possible candidate to perform your cleaning service.

We take pride in having a great team of highly professional cleaning service personnel.

New cleaning team member prospects:

  • go through a 3-step recruitment process to determine that they are a proper fit to service our clients.

  • criminal background is checked to assure that they meet any requirements of our insurance and bonding contract.

  • are screened for illegal drug use.

  • are screened by the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration to investigate eligibility to legally work in the United States.

Our team members:

  • are randomly screened for illegal drug use.

  • are regularly reviewed by our clients after they receive a cleaning service to be sure that they continue to meet the requirements of the terms of the standards-of-service agreement that they signed upon being hired.

  • are in line for a promotion due to our promote-from-within policy in our growing company.

Terms of Service



Domestically Inclined Inc.

Team Member Terms of Service and Conduct

This is an agreement between the __________________________ and Domestically Inclined Incorporated.


This agreement outlines the standards and terms of service the employee, (hereafter also referred to as team member) of Domestically Inclined Inc. (hereafter also referred to as management or provider) agrees to provide to any and all, and each and every client of this company.

Upon agreeing to employment, expressed by the signature on this document, the below signed individual agrees to:

1. Provide clients of this company with the service expected of them as outlined in this document.

2. The team member agrees to arrive at the client’s appointments at the scheduled time.

3. The team member agrees to arrive at the designated appointment in a presentable uniform with care given to their grooming and attire.

4. As a representative of Domestically Inclined Inc., the team member will greet and interact with any and all individuals they come into contact with, while in public wearing their uniform, while providing service to clients or representing this company at any time and anywhere with the utmost respect in a friendly and congenial manner.

5. The team member will execute service to clients with an enthusiastic, congenial and respectful demeanor.

6. The team member will provide service and complete the appointed job without break except in circumstances of extended appointment times as required by Tennesse and U.S. federal labor laws.

7. The team member will not use any telephone including text, voice or media while performing services to clients except to interact with management of Domestically Inclined Inc. or on occasion when official emergency service is necessary.

8. The team member will not use foul or profane language at any time while executing their duties of employment.

9. The team member will perform their duties with the minimum possible interaction with others including clients and coworkers except where to do so directly affects their ability to execute their duties.

10. The team member will perform their duties efficiently and to the highest standards possible.

11. The team member will clean up after themselves and remove and take with them all products and tools and any and all trash they may create executing their services.

12. The team member will clock in and out using the appropriate app upon arriving and leaving each and every appointment.

13. The team member will immediately notify management in the event of any unusual circumstances or incidents involving clients, the client’s property or possessions, the property of Domestically Inclined Inc or the general public, or any interaction with law enforcement or other officials or other team members actions or performance.

14. Team member agrees to follow and adhere to all laws, regulations, and statues of the State of Tennessee and the U.S. federal government.

15 Team member agrees to obey all traffic laws and procedures and conduct their driving habits in a respectful and kind manner while representing Domestically Inclined Inc.

16. The team member will not eat, smoke, drink alcohol or use any drugs not prescribed by a medical doctor while executing their duties for Domestically Inclined Inc.

The terms agreed to herein apply upon signature by the above-referenced individual and may be added to by signed addendum at any time requested by management. Refusal of the agreement or any of the standards and terms of service and any addendums or violations of any of its contents is grounds for disciplinary action or immediate termination of employment.


Employee name (Please print)

Employee signature

Natural Products


Domestically Inclined is dedicated to providing you the best service possible as a core principle of our company.

We believe that principle includes being responsible for your internal living environment and the impact our company has on the global environment through our practices, procedures, and policies.

After a thorough investigation and practical use testing the efficacy of a number of products, we determined that Seventh Generation Cleaning Products were the best products for our company to use.


Not only would the use of their products help us achieve the core principle of being environmentally responsible, but we would also be supporting a company whose principles align with the policies that steer us to be an environmentally responsible corporation. 


By using cleaning products that are made with, and contain natural plant-based ingredients, not only do we affect the living environment within our homes but the environment in general.


The processes used to manufacture man-made chemical products, and the ingredients they contain can be harmful to the environment.


Guidance from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) attempts to limit the environmental impact of harmful cleaning agents and processes with regulations and policies and assist with purchasing environmentally friendly products, but more can and should be done.

It is important to note that when we use man-made chemical cleaners there is always the potential for a certain percentage of the product being washed away and impacting our aquifers.

Using cleaners made with natural plant-based agents has many benefits:

  • The manufacturing process of these products is easier on the environment

  • The ingredients used are natural to our environment and not man-made chemical compounds

  • By purchasing or using services that utilize plant-based cleaning products we steer our purchasing power to companies that care more for our environment. This has a powerful effect on the economics that support the environment

  • We increase the quality of the environment in which our families dwell

  • We reduce the possibility of accidental and potentially harmful ingestion or exposure

By using and taking advantage of all of the benefits related to natural cleaning products, we are making an economic, political and moral statement about how much we care for our families, their future and the environment in which we live today and in the future.

Performance Pay


Performance is what customer service is all about. If the performance of a company does not live up to consumer expectations, that consumer will find a company that will.


That's why performance standards have been built into the cleaning team member's compensation at Domestically Inclined.


Our cleaning service personnel know that the better they perform and the happier a client is with the service they receive, the more money they earn.

Having a performance-based compensation policy helps assure that:

  • Our clients are completely satisfied with the value of the cleaning service they receive from us

  • We maintain a high level of customer service and client satisfaction

  • Our service personnel works harder for you, earns more money doing so, and are happier because of it!

Customer Service Policy

Customer Service Policy

Domestically Inclined is a service-oriented business. Servicing the public is our business. 

We are dedicated to providing top-notch service that impresses each and every client.


Clients place their trust in our company to come into their home and respectfully provide the service they seek.

We take that responsibility very seriously.


Because of this, it is the policy of this company that Customer Service be held to the highest of standards and that service to a client is not complete until they are 100% satisfied each and every time we interact with them.


This is achieved by two things; Position and attitude.

  1. Position. All team members will always approach service-related matters from the position that the client is always right. No matter what the situation is. If it is within the scope of the services we provide, then we want to fix it. If a client believes that something with our service is not right...then it's not right. The only reaction a representative should have in such a situation is, how can I help make it right so that the client is happy.

  2. Attitude. Attitude is everything in Customer Service. Domestically Inclined and its representatives always approach Customer Service with a great attitude because that is the business we are in! We take pride in everything we do, but we go above and beyond when it comes to Customer Service. Satisfying our client's needs is the most important part of our duties...and the most rewarding!

Every team member can take pride in being integral in the effort to be the #1 cleaning service in the industry.


Customer Service is how we achieve it!

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