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Product Safety

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Home is a place where we should feel safe, comfortable and at peace.

Many of us go to great lengths to keep the dangers and distractions of the world at bay. We lock our doors, put up fences and gates and install security systems to help keep our families safe from external threats.

We vet those invited into our home to perform professional services. Some even vet potential mates with background and credit checks.

In today's connected world, media outlets make vast fortunes making sure we are well informed of the misfortunes, disasters, and violence that occurs all around us regularly.

What is not widely reported is that many of the greatest dangers posed to us are by threats we unwittingly invite into our lives and homes through the products we purchase and consume.

It is not in the best interests of media companies to produce and distribute reports that reflect negatively on the products their advertisers manufacture.

Public perception is easily influenced by news reports and advertising. Erring on the side of caution has become the standard for those that may place themselves in a libelous position by even suggesting that a product might be less than perfectly safe.

In fact, unless a product has caused wide-spread illness or death and a recall is issued or lawsuits get filed there is a good chance that business, as usual, will continue unabated.

Many of the products we consume and surround ourselves with today threaten our health and well-being unbeknownst to us.

It can be difficult and time-consuming to attempt to research, locate and purchase items from companies that have our welfare and that of our environment as a top priority in their business model.

Time is a valuable commodity and one that always seems to be in short supply. Selecting the right products takes research. If advertising is relied upon to make purchasing decisions then the age-old Latin phrase caveat emptor must be remembered.

Most consumers rely on the good-will of companies whose ethics may or may not be up to the task of producing a product that is absolutely and unquestionably safe.

Too many times this ends badly for consumers.

Unfortunately, examples of illness and death due to unsafe products have become all too common.

Sometimes it is more profitable for a company to produce and sell a product that it knows creates a public safety or health issue and deal with the financial repercussions after having reaped great financial benefits from that product.

We see the civil action suits filed regularly.

Personal Injury attorneys benefit from this type of business model as they attempt to relieve the burden of those harmed by unethical business practices.

However, this does not seem to reduce the number of hazardous products available on store shelves.

Limiting the possible dangers of products that we could unknowingly and innocently bring into our home just makes good sense. It stands to reason that we should attempt to limit those possibilities.

Increasing the quality of the air we breathe in our home is as simple as limiting the use of products within our home that contain potentially dangerous chemical compounds. Many of these products decrease the quality of our environment.

By using cleaning products that are made with, and contain natural plant-based ingredients, not only do we affect the living environment within our homes but the environment in general.

The processes used to manufacture these products and the ingredients they contain can be harmful to the environment.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) attempts to limit those potentially harmful processes with regulations and policies, but more can and should be done.

It is important to note that when we use those cleaners there is always the potential for a certain percentage of the product being washed away and impacting our aquifers.

Using cleaners made with natural plant-based agents has many benefits:

The manufacturing process of these products is easier on the environment

The ingredients used are natural to our environment and not man-made chemical compounds

By purchasing or using services that utilize plant-based cleaning products we steer our purchasing power to companies that care more for our environment. This has a powerful effect on the economics that support the environment

We increase the quality of the environment in which our families dwell

We reduce the possibility of accidental and potentially harmful ingestion or exposure

By using and taking advantage of all of the benefits related to natural cleaning products, we are making an economic, political and moral statement about how much we care for our families, their future and the environment in which we live today ​

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